Frequently Asked Questions

When an app involves your children then it’s obvious to have questions and queries in mind. Here are answers to a few questions that could be boggling your mind:

1.Getting started with Playdates

What is Playdates about?

Playdates is simply about making it easier https://it.medadvice.net/ for parents to organise a Playdate or party for their kids and their existing friends! That’s it.

Whether your child wants their friend over, or you’re happy for them to go

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to another friends house, or even if one of their friends is going to the park and would like someone their own age to play with, Playdates makes it quick and easy to organise everything with the other parent. Gone are the days of trying to organise a Playdate through a seemingly endless stream of SMS’s back and forth, only to find that the weekend is gone by the time you succeed.

Playdates are a way to help get kids away from screens, to help them use their imagination and energy in a positive way with their own friends and get back outside where they can expend their almost limitless energy.

It’s also a way to give yourself as a parent a bit of a break!

What is a Playdate?

A Playdate is just a couple of kids getting together with their friends to play.

It could be one friend or more, and at your place or someone else’s. It’s up to you and the other parents. It’s as simple, or as complicated, as you wish to make it, the Playdates app just makes it quick, simple and easy to organise.

What is a Party?

A Party, in the Playdates app, is very similar to a “Playdate”, but is really any Party that is going to be further into the future and you want to send out invitations.

For example, you can invite Playmates to a birthday party, and the invitations are sent out to all the parents with all the necessary details – at the same time!

Now you don’t have to worry about your child remembering to hand out a bunch of written paper invitations, or whether their friends actually passed the invite along to their parents instead of ending up at the bottom of a school bag with some half eaten lunch!

Playdates keeps track of everyone who has RSVP’d and will also prompt those parents who are undecided or who haven’t responded prior to your RSVP date.

You can add in all the information about the Party, such as themes, gift ideas, costumes, any food allergies, costs, whether parents can just drop their kids off or they must stay, etc.

Us parents have enough on our plates to worry about, so we are here to help simplify the often mammoth sized task of organising and hosting a child’s party.

What is a Playmate?

A Playmate is just a term to describe the other children that your kids want to play with, and it is NOT a random child or family in the local area.

Playdates differs from other similar apps, in that we are NOT trying to expand your circle of friends by linking you up with other local parents who have children of the same age, but who are complete strangers!  We are not going to help you link your child up with another random child in a 10km radius just because they both happen to like Bey Blades.  🙂

Our app lets you link in with parents you already know through school, tuckshops, parties, family, weekend sports, etc.

In the Playdates app, you will be connecting to other parents (not kids), so even though we refer to “Playmates” quite a bit, you’ll actually be interacting with the parents of your child’s friends.

How do I create a Playdate?


How do I create a Party?


How do I find a Playmate in the app?


Is there an age limitation to use the app?

No, there is no age limitation to creating найти работу в хабаровске an account and using the app, but it is designed to be used by parents/guardians.

However, for the safety of all children, we do require that when a Playdates account is created, the new user MUST provide photographic identification which can easily be done via the app.

My child’s Playmates aren’t using the app, so how can I find and invite them?

As you will be connecting with other parents, you can invite them through Facebook, Google+ or you can send them a link via email.

Alternatively, you could simply tell them about the Playdates app and let them know you’re on it and your user profile name.

How much does Playdates cost?

Playdates is 100% free for users.

2.Managing your account

How do I create an account?


Why do I need to create a profile for my child?

Playdates is designed to help kids get together to play, preferably outside and away from a screen.

But our kids are all different and some have limitations on what they can or can’t do, or what you as a parent will allow them to do. By creating a profile for your child, you can list any special requirements or limitations that other parents should know.

These details could include, allergies, swimming ability, how your child reacts to animals, through to whether or not they require assistance with toileting.

The information that you provide is there to help keep your child safe whilst they are under the supervision of another parent, and it’s the type of things that you would likely tell the other parent anyway.

By having this information contained within the Playdates app, it saves you the trouble of having to remember it all and repeat it every time you drop your child off, and it also takes a burden off the other parents having to remember everything you told them.  If they forget something, the information is contained within the app and they can refer back to it at a moments notice.

How do I edit my childs details?


How do I see my blocked list?


How can I block or unblock people?


Why do I need to provide photographic ID?

Although Playdates is NOT an app for organising a kids get together with random people who you don’t know, for your added protection and the safety of your child/ren we require that you provide photographic ID to open an account.

As a parent, YOU are responsible for who you organise a Playdate with for your child/ren, and who you leave them with. If you are not comfortable with the parent, or it’s the first time you’ve let your child visit their house, then within the Playdates app YOU can set the requirements that a parent/guardian MUST be able to stay.

Photographic ID is just another layer of protection for your children, but IN NO WAY does it replace proper parental supervision and decision making.

I’ve lost my username and/or password – How do I reset it?


3.Safety and Security

How secure is my private information and will you share it with third parties?

We will never share your information with third parties.

As our app will have information about children, we take security very seriously, so will never share the details without your written request and/or permission.

How safe is Playdates for kids?

Our app is here to help you organise a Playdate for your child/ren.

We cannot replace correct parental supervision or decision making, and can’t be held responsible for who you leave your children with or what happens to them at a Playdate.

However, our app is here to make it easier for you to organise a Playdate with parents or people that you should already know, and if you don’t know them that well then you have the option to accompany your child.

Feedback and Suggestions

Any suggestions or feedback on the app is very welcome and can be sent via the following email address.

If you are having problems with the app please notify us as soon as possible.