Being the parents of two boys under 9 years old, one of whom has special needs, it made us sad that our kids couldn’t play together all the time because of the differences in their development, abilities and interests.  This meant that we became their Playmates and they were unable to come up with their own ideas or to occupy themselves without one of us.  As all parents can understand – this is exhausting!

There is nothing in this world that makes medadvice us happier than playing and spending time with our kids, but we all need a break sometimes just to recharge. So, we came up with a very common solution to distract them – screen time!  We thought that this will help introduce them to the digital world, so they can have their fun, and we can have some of OUR personal time. But as we all know, it didn’t take too long before the iPad was the only thing they wanted to play with.

We wanted our kids to drop the phones (not literally though!) slots up and go and play outside with their friends like kids are actually supposed to. So, we organised a few Playdates with their friends and found that the kids occupied themselves, jack and the beanstalk casino left us alone (except for food requests), would be more willing to stay away from screens, were more active AND played with their toys!  The very same toys that normally essaywriterusa.com sat collecting dust with cries of “There’s nothing to do!” echoing through the house!

But now we were stuck with a new problem – Setting up a Playdate! What should have been a relatively simple exercise always seemed to turn in to an almost endless series of text messages between us and other essaywriterusa.com parents, attempting to align our schedules.  Surely there had to be an easier way!

And so, we came up with the idea of Playdates!

Using the Playdates app, you can easily create a Playdate and send the invitation to multiple parents at the same time, letting them know your schedule and your child’s availability. The other parents will receive the a notification and they can check their schedules straight away. If they are available and interested then they can accept the invitation, selecting the time period and location that suits them, according to the options you setout in the original invitation.

That’s it! Then it’s simply

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a case of first in best dressed!

And the best part is that ALL contact information and special information about each child is then shared between parents! This way you’ll know that when their son/daughter comes over, he найти работу в санкт-петербурге is nervous around big dogs, can’t swim too well so require additional supervision or assistance, or has an allergy to nuts! This is information that you would share with another parent anyway, but it saves you writing everything down and it helps other parents if they forget something.

Plus – Do you need to organise a kids birthday party? It’s just as easy! You have a few more options so you can add in things like party theme, venue details, costs or gift ideas. And you now have the added advantage of knowing that other parents have received the birthday invitation (instead of it ending up at the bottom of a school bag!), you can keep track of RSVP’s, AND if plans need changing at the last minute it’s quickMakes pupils understand the field on which it would be always to become written whatever is the subject. After completing the research you want to compose the essay writers for sale It can assist you throughout your career. A customized essay composed by Way of your own pro-writer should reflect your composing styles, for that you need to want to specify your requirements and must be provided a direct and constant contact with your

and easy to notify EVERYONE all at once!

Playdates has been created for the cell phone spy without access to target phone sole purpose of making it easier for parents to give their children more opportunities to socialise and play with their friends.

See how easy it is and set up a Playdate for your kids within minutes by clicking on the download link below.

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